The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a worldwide pandemic that affects us all.

CES Textiles are actively monitoring and following government guidance and regulations in order to do our part to reduce the risk to anyone on site and thus prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

We will continue to take preventative measures and monitor and/or adapt these as the situation evolves or to reflect any changes in guidance.

Ways in which we are reducing the risk to anyone on site:

  • Carrying out a Covid-19 Risk assessment and reducing risk to the lowest reasonable practicable level by taking control measures.
  • Minimising time spent in contact
  • Use of Face Coverings
  • Following Social Distancing measures(2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable)
  • reducing the number of people each person has contact with
  • Limiting the number of persons on site at any one time
  • Encouraging use of hand sanitising/ washing facilities upon site arrival and departure
  • Encouraging regular hand hygiene and covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Frequent cleaning of busy areas, shared equipment and surfaces/objects that are touched regularly.
  • Office Space

         -arranged to maintain distancing

         -meetings have maximum occupancy

         -windows/shutters can be opened for ventilation.

  • Warehouse space

         -contractors/sub-contractors/self-employed workers etc will be assigned a designated workspace which is arranged to keep             persons apart

         -shutters can be opened for ventilation.

  • Music and background noise are kept to a minimum to avoid aerosol transmission from speaking loudly/shouting.
  • Inbound and outbound goods

        -encouraging drivers to remain in their vehicles whilst they are being loaded/unloaded

        -having one person load/unload vehicles (where safe to do so)

        -minimising unnecessary contact in the yard

        -loads booked in/out at different times to minimise amount of people on site at one time

        -frequency of collections and deliveries to be reduced as much as viably possible.

  • Minimising unnecessary visits to other factories/plants/warehouses.
  • Maintaining communication with workers in order to maintain their health and safety and support managing risk from Covid-19.
  • Ensuring both workers and visitors who feel unwell stay at home and do not attend the premises.

Covid-19 Secure

Thank you to everyone for your continuing cooperation and support throughout these challenging times.